Its been a long time coming to add more personality to our business. We set out to relaunch our brand, with something more memorable and modern. 

How was our brand originally chosen?

• When the business was started in 2003, we knew we wanted to do something that was not available anywhere, provide a vector service with 24 hour turnaround time.
Survival doing the bare essentials took the majority of the time, while establishing a logo and company name were very low on the priority list.

• Artwork Source and 24 Hour Artwork established what we did and would show up early in the yellow pages which was a lot more important 15 years ago. 

Why did we change to Ignition Drawing?

• Memorable names create a visual that connects the name and personality to the products. Generic names are easy to forget and do not stand out through the clutter of copycat competitors. Amazon beats over time.
• Generic words have a meaning that is hard to change in the customers mind. They don’t speak to our specialties, our rockstar product managers, the huge effort we put into responsive friendly service, and our 100% reliability to deliver regardless of any behind the scenes challenges. 

We look forward to providing the same friendly service from the Seattle area that you’ve come to expect!



Have any questions? Contact us:               253-284-0733