With Layout Lab creating a design only takes minutes, and saves time with your creative projects, without the need of expensive design software. Put the tools in your customers hands with your very own Private Label Designer.

Getting Started

Easy as 1-2-3
• Access our designer at layoutlab.com
• Click “Start Designing”
• Select a template and color, and you are ready to start
• Use your Ignition Drawing login to save your project when finished

Creating text and adding effects

• Select one of hundreds of available fonts
• Position, rotate and scale your text using your mouse
• Select effects like colors, outlines, curves and many others from our menu

Add cliparts or upload your own art

• We offer over 10000 Cliparts to choose from and include in your designs. Use the search bar or simply browse through our library
• Upload your own vector art or jpg image and changes its colors
• Load one of over 500 design ideas and modify it as needed

 Customize your design

• Scale, move, remove, duplicate and change the colors of your art until its just right



Other Features and Templates

• Include a template to show off your exact application
• Zoom in or out to see details easily or turn on alignment grids for maximum precision
• Reorder layers with just a few clicks
• Design on multiple views to make your product stand out

Your Own Designer

Get the design tools to compete with the big direct online companies
Save time on back and forth art requests, by allowing your customers to design online from anywhere
• Have your own Private Label designer in one minute with no setup cost
If you have any questions about Layout Lab, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to help make this a core feature of your business!
P: 253-284-0733
E: service@ignitiondrawing.com