Vector Artwork does not rely on pixels per inch like a Bitmap. A bitmap and other standard file types such as jpeg, gif and png use pixels(or colored squares) to render complex images at the expense of being able to be sized up or down without losing quality. Rather, vector uses lines and shapes to create its imagery, which through mathematical expressions are able to be scaled up and down without losing any clarity, unlike a bitmap image.

We’ve put together two blogs to explain the qualities and limitations of vector art and help determine if it is the right application for your project.

Vectoring Photographs

Vectoring Art and Drawings

So When Do I Need Vector? When Do I Need Bitmap?
If a picture perfect image is needed, the only way to achieve this is to have a photo at a high resolution and at the proper size as required by the file. Vector artwork can do many amazing things and is a very useful tool in the industry for creating high quality logos, and re-sizable imagery, but it simply can’t produce photo-realistic results.

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