Attachments have been used right from the early days of the email. Now-a-days people share more and more stuff online, rather than sending them through attachments. However it is still a part of many email users daily experience, since it is the easiest way to share a document or picture or anything else you want.

Attachment variety is at an all time high with more and more creative and utility programs populating the scene which raises a problem, in being able to see everything sent to you, without having to own several thousand dollars worth of software.

The most common encountered problem in our field are EPS, Ai, and PDF files and Google has come up with a solution that allows you to see the files in your browser, just like a JPG, all by just using their e-mail service. All you need is to have your files sent to your Gmail address. If you do not have a Gmail address, simply set one up in a few minutes and forward any files you have trouble seeing in your other e-mail accounts.

E-mail thumbnail view of attachments and full size opened Ai file in the browser.

This will also work with other common extensions like .doc and .tiff files, unfortunately it is not something currently available for Corel.


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