If you’re reading this blog you might be looking for advice on where to get started or how to get your Layout Lab off the ground. We are giving you a free 30-day trial so its a great opportunity for you to get your first orders in before you even have to pay for the service, yet it might still seem daunting to get all the groundwork started.

I will highlight how simple it is to sign up, promote your designer and process your first order from the Ignition Drawing interface.

1. Does setting up really take 1 minute?

You may have heard us say “it only takes 1 minute to set up”, here is the signup process in real time:

Fig 1 – Setting up your Private Label Designer URL and filling out your company and contact information takes less than a minute!

2. Promoting your Private Label Designer

Now that you are set up its time to promote your designer to your customers.

We recommend a few steps for this:

  • including it in your e-mails
  • adding it to your e-mail signatures
  • create a portal page guideline on your existing business website

Here is the approach of one of our subscribers: Portal Page Example

3. Processing Orders

Designs tab
fig 2 – Layout Lab Management Section

New customers can make designs on your Private Label without logging in but they will need a simple username and password in order to save and submit order requests.

Once a design is created either by you or your customers, it will be accessible on your Ignition Drawing account. Under the Layout Lab tab(fig 3) under Designs. You will have all the needed information and tools for you to process, share or download the created art under the actions menu(fig 4). We also have the ability to place a vector or digitizing order if further art editing is needed.


Fig 3 – Designs Page Interface
Fig 4 – Available Actions for Design Processing


4. Actions Menu

Once designs are created(fig 3) you will have a actions button on the right side of your orders. Clicking this button will open options for processing(fig 4).

Instant Download Vector Art – allows you to download a PDF of the created art. All elements created with Layout Lab tools will be vector and can be edited with vector software.

Preview Design Files – allows you to download a proof of the design

Edit – opens your private label and allows you to make changes to the art in Layout Lab

Share – allows you to share a proof with a customer or co-worker

Order Vector – Place an Ignition Drawing vector order. Use our service to convert all uploaded files into vector format and make art changes.

Order Digitizing – Turn your design into a machine ready file.


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Have any other questions about Layout Lab? Contact our staff  at 253-284-0733 or service@ignitiondrawing.com