Tackle Twill can be a great addition to any embroidery shops playbook. These designs will allow you to produce large filled areas that would normally take tens of thousands of stitches to accomplish with just a few zig-zag stitches around cut layered twill material.

Something to take into consideration when deciding to go the Tackle Twill route (also know as Applique) is how big does customer want the design?

For example, if your customer is looking for a large business or team name to go across the front of a hooded sweatshirt, how long will it take on the machines to accomplish this task?

This image of the Wolves set-up for Tackle Twill is about 6700 stitches at 10.5 inches wide. The same design in traditional embroidery would be estimated at over 52,000 stitches.

You can request Tackle Twill from Ignition Drawing!

To request files for Tackle Twill, on the standard embroidery order or quote pages(on the 4th page). You will find a checkbox right above the order notes section for Tackle Twill.


In this section let us know what parts of the design need to be in twill and what needs to be stitching. Using our Wolves as an example this would be a request for a two-color file, using 2 pieces of twill material to achieve the look. On a request similar to this all you would need to do is let us know that the file needs to be created for 2 colors, and the type of stitching you’d like. You can choose either; Zig-Zag, Run Stitches, or Satin Stitches to sew the material down with. You can even request this as a one color design, where the blue fill would be twill and the black border is a satin stitch.

Need a Tackle Twill Provider?

Our sister company Arrow Emblems makes fully customizable, single- to triple-layered, permanently heat-sealable iron on numbers, letters, mascots and script.

Have any questions?

Give us a call at 253-284-0733 or send us an e-mail digitizing@ignitiondrawing.com